Northamptonshire Indoor Bowling Association     



Bowls is a sport for life and for all ages, genders, and abilities. There are so many playing options available. 

You can play alone, with a team, a long time, a short time, socially, against your friends or play with the whole family!

  • Played in a safe, non-contact environment

  • A game of skill and judgement. But lots of fun!

  • Can be played socially or competitively

President 2022/23
Mr Brian Rees
Wellingborough IBC

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IT is important to promote your club within the community and beyond to ensure you recruit new members and visitors.

Planning a requitment campaign? Link through to EIBA guidance.

Look on NIBA's News page on the website for further suggestions as to increase membership.

Try this out to help market our sport:- Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls, Granted it's about outdoor bowls at the Commonwealth Games HOWEVER all formats need to market themselves!!

Perhaps this short video will HELP !!!

Canva is a free and relatively simple way to create professional social media content and flyers for your club.